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Baroque opera in three acts, recorded live in Cesky Krumlov Baroque Theater.



The Opera was recorded during one of only three public performances at the unique Cesky Krumlov Baroque Theatre.

The theme of the opera “Giulio Cesare in Egitto (Julius Caesar in Egypt)” is historical events associated with the dispute between Pompey and Caesar, known mainly from Plutarch’s narrative:

After Pompey’s defeat at the Battle of Pharsalus (48 BC), Caesar pursued him to Alexandria, Egypt, where he received only the severed head of his rival and former ally. Nevertheless, Caesar had Pompey’s remains buried with all honors.

In Alexandria, he later became involved in the civil war between Ptolemy XIII and his sister and wife Cleopatra VII. Probably because of Ptolemy’s part in Pompey’s assassination, Caesar favored Cleopatra over her brother. In the following Siege of Alexandria, he was first pushed into the defensive and surrounded in the city.

After receiving reinforcements, however, he easily defeated the king’s army, and Ptolemy himself drowned while attempting to escape across the Nile. Caesar installed Cleopatra on the Egyptian throne and became the father of her son Ptolemy XV, known as Caesarion.

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