Demofoonte – DVD


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Baroque opera in three acts, recorded live in Cesky Krumlov Baroque Theater.

43 in stock

43 in stock



The Opera was recorded during one of only three public performances at the unique Cesky Krumlov Baroque Theatre.

In Thrace, the land of King Demofoonte, there is a cruel law: one virgin is to be presented to God Apollo every year as a blood sacrifice. According to the prophecy, this barbaric custom should be ended when “the innocent usurper of the empire recognizes himself”. It is this revelation of identity that is the key to understanding the whole story.
At the beginning stands a mix-up of two babies still in the cradle – the King’s daughter Dircea has been switched with Timante, the son of one of the courtiers, who is thus unwittingly brought up as successor to the throne. The confusion of the two infants comes from the queen, who wrote out the whole truth in two letters before her death.
However, these facts are not revealed until the final scene of the opera. Around Prince Timante there spins a thrilling story, driven by many kinds of love: marital, romantic, fraternal, and above all paternal.

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